About Us


Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten began in 1985 in Palmerston North. The Kindergarten has grown and changed over time. In 2003, we were in a position to purchase our own premises. This resulted in our current Kindergarten building at 187 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North.  Our 30th Anniversary was in 2015.



Our Kindergarten has a strong sense of community and friendship among the families.


We are one of only a few Not-for Profit, community run Early Childhood Centres in the Manawatu.


Parents pitch in with working bees, the seasonal festivals, fairs, odd jobs and maintenance around the Kindergarten, as well as forming part of the management committee. 


When everyone works together in this way, it creates a thriving, healthy community.



We are lucky enough to have the most wonderful team of Kindergarten teachers, Karolyn and Angie. They are highly skilled, trained in both mainstream and Steiner early childhood education, and have  years of experience between them.


Teachers at Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten strive to establish healthy and trustful relationships with the families who choose our Kindergarten.


We believe that a partnership between home and Kindergarten establishes a solid foundation for children's learning and provides the best outcomes for children and families. Teachers are happy to chat with you before and after the session. If these times are too busy, we are more than happy to meet with you outside of session times.


Formal meetings throughout the year include home visits in term one holidays and parent teacher interviews in term three. Children's portfolios go home early in term two and four, and are available to view on request at other times. We also write a regular Kindergarten newsletter which is distributed throughout the community.

We are also lucky to have working for us a home cook  Beth, who creates delicious nutritious meals and snacks for the children.



At Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, parents are part of the management and play a vital role in the running of the Kindergarten.


The processes and policies of the Kindergarten are decided by a management committee made up of parents, staff and Trust members.


Matariki Kindergarten is a part of a Charitable Trust governed by a Board of Trustees and a management committee made up of parents, staff and trustees.


While the Kindergarten is organised autonomously, the Federation of Rudolf Steiner Schools was formed in 1986 to support the efforts of individual schools and Kindergartens. I t recently changed its name to SEANZ.


We are a licensed, Early Childhood Centre, answerable to the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office. "Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten is well placed to promote positive learning outcomes for children." -ERO 07/08/2014


The National Early Childhood Curriculum (Te Whariki) and the education philosophies of Rudolf Steiner are intertwined throughout all of our practices.