This sets out the standard procedure for dealing with complaints:

We acknowledge that sometimes teachers and other staff may be the first to receive complaints. In all instances, whether verbal or written, the complainant should be provided with a copy of this policy, and a standard letter of confirmation that the complaint has been received (see appendix). 


Verbal complaint received 

Ask the complainant if they wish to make a written complaint to the Trust. If they do not wish to escalate the complaint to Trust level, the staff member can clarify the complaint by sitting down with the complainant and noting down the key points. They can work with the complainant to reach a workable solution as appropriate, and advise the complainant that a copy of the conversation notes will be provided to the Trust so they are aware that a complaint has been made, but not escalated. The Trust may follow up to ensure any undertakings were completed. 

The complaint is considered resolved if the complainant is satisfied with the resolution and does not wish to escalate their complaint to the Trust. 

Written complaint received

Written complaints are to be forwarded to the Trust within 24 hours for review. The Complainant will be provided with a copy of this policy and a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint and noting the Trust will issue a response within seven days. 

The Trust will then consider the complaint and will investigate if necessary. 

The Trust will respond to the complaint within seven (7) days of them receiving the complaint, advising of the outcome of their discussion and proposing a resolution (if appropriate). 


If the complainant is not satisfied with the offered resolution, they will have the option to choose an informal mediation to discuss unresolved issues further and move them towards resolution. 

The mediation must occur within 28 days of the complainant notifying the Trust of their intention to escalate. The mediator can be a mutually agreed, neutral individual. If the issues are resolved during mediation, a note of agreed points, actions and agreements should be produced and signed by the parties present. The Trust will keep a copy of the agreement on file.

Further recourse

In the event that mediation is not successful in resolving the issue, the Trust will refer the complaint to either the Regional Group of Steiner Kindergartens, or Steiner Education New Zealand for further mediation and assistance towards resolution. 

The complainant is encouraged to bring a support person to any meeting or mediation if they wish. 


Rewritten during 2020

Ratified February 2021