All teaching staff employed by the Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Manawatu) must have appropriately recognised qualifications and a willingness to learn and work with Rudolf Steiner education principles.


All staff at Matariki Kindergarten, whether in paid employment or voluntary, must have a current police clearance. Relievers on the list for the kindergarten must also comply with this. It is the responsibility of the head teacher to ensure that all relievers have undergone a police clearance.


All teaching staff must have a current first aid certificate.


All staff employed at Matariki Kindergarten are expected to abide by the kindergarten’s policies.


1. Teaching positions must be advertised appropriately.

2. The Employment Committee for appointments consists of a trustee, the treasurer of the Management Committee, a parent representative, and a staff member.


3. Short-listed candidates are interviewed. Their references and referees are checked and the results documented. Appointments are made contingent on consultation with all current teaching staff. The successful candidate is telephoned and sent a letter of confirmation. Unsuccessful candidates are telephoned or sent a letter.

4. A contract is drawn up by the trustee on the Employment Committee to suit both parties.

Good Employer


The Trust aspires to be a good employer by meeting the needs of each employee. The Trust is an equal opportunity employer.


Staff have individual employment contracts covering hours, payment, holidays, sick leave and cause for dismissal. All contracts for teaching staff will take into account the criteria for registered teachers as specified in the NZ Teachers Council handbook.


A complaints procedure is made clear to all staff by referring them to the Complaints Procedure policy.


An annual employment meeting will be held to review all contracts. The Employment Committee for this purpose consists of a trustee, the treasurer of the Management Committee and the staff member/s concerned.





Every year, each member of the teaching staff undergoes self appraisal, peer appraisal, employer appraisal and an appraisal conducted by an outside appraiser.

The employer appraisal is conducted by a trustee, is comprehensive, and is based on the criteria for registered teachers.

Reviewed November 2015

Ratified March 2016 

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