Books & Resources

The Kindergarten has a library of books and resources available for loan to families on many relevant topics including festivals, cooking, children's stories and behaviour. The library provides further information about the Steiner philosophy and provides resources to support the Steiner approach at home.


Beautifully illustrated childrens books can be found by authors such as Elsa Beskow, Loek Koopmans, Gerda Muller, Daniela Drescher, Astrid Lindgren, Sibylle Von Olfers and more.




Simplicity Parenting

Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids

By Kim John Payne, with Lisa M Ross 

Publisher:Ballantine Books Inc.



Simplicity Parenting offers inspiration, ideas, and a blueprint for change: • Streamline your home environment. Reduce the amount of toys, books, and clutter—as well as the lights, sounds, and general sensory overload.• Establish rhythms and rituals. Discover ways to ease daily tensions, create battle-free mealtimes and bedtimes, and tell if your child is overwhelmed. • Schedule a break in the schedule. Establish intervals of calm and connection in your child’s daily torrent of constant doing.• Scale back on media and parental involvement. Manage your children’s “screen time” to limit the endless deluge of information and stimulation. A manifesto for protecting the grace of childhood.

A Guide to Child Health

By Wolfgang Goebel, Michaela Glockler

Publisher: Floris Books



Combining medical advice with issues of upbringing and education, this is a definitive guide for parents. This book outlines the connection between education and healing, with all that this implies for the upbringing and good health of children. The authors based their theory and practice on 17 years' experience in the children's out-patient department of the Herdecke Hospital in Germany, which is run along anthroposophical lines. The first section covers childhood ailments and home-nursing. The second part looks at the healthy development of the child and how to create the best conditions for it. The authors go on to examine issues of upbringing and education, and their consequences for later life. Throughout, the book is extremely practical.This new edition also includes medical and health practices in North America, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Mary Willow


Mary Willow is a Wellington based parenting guru and educator.

She runs parenting courses and one-on-one parent counselling. "Helping Parents with Parenting" is her website.


You Are Your Child's First Teacher - Encouraging Your Child's Natural Development from Birth to Age Six

Rahima Baldwin Dancy


Publisher: Ten Speed Press, 2012


With chapters on babies and toddlers, as well as artistic, musical and cognitive activities to do with your preschool- and kindergarten-aged child. New chapters include "Home Life as the Basis for all Learning" and "Rhythm in Home Life."Completely revised and updated, First Teacher will be your favorite companion for creating a home life that is nourishing to every member of the family, including yourself.

Work and Play in Early Childhood

Freya Jaffke; Translated by Christian von Arnim

Publisher: Floris Books



Shows how rhythm and repetition, together with example and imitation, are the pillars on which early learning is based in kindergarten.