• Diane Brown

HARVEST FAIR, SUNDAY 6th APIL 2014, 10-4pm

Its been a couple of years since our last fair! How time flies! This is such a great opportunity for the kindergarten community to join together and work towards a common goal.

With everyone being super busy its got to be a collaborative effort and so far there has been great support from many of you...we're making progress!

This year we've decided on a range of stalls and also omitted some that we felt maybe weren't quite right for the event (such as the jumble sale). We might do that sometime in the winter separately.

Stalls will include yummy freshly baked waffles, freshly squeezed apple juice and curly apples, we will have a sausage sizzle activity where children can make their own sausages around our fire pit on long sticks. We will have a craft stall which parents lead by Piri are busily crafting away for. There will be a beautiful selection of childrens books for sale and also raffles and auctions. There will be a variety of childrens activities including a fishing game, a balance beam, a hoop throw, a pocket lady (which treasures will you find?), a sandpit treasure hunt for real gem stones, a storytelling yurt, some petting animals and we are even hoping to have pony rides! Inside the building there will be a cafe with yummy cakes, savouries, tea and coffee and live music by a variety of acoustic acts. In the small kindergarten room we will have interesting talks throughout the day for the adults. Themes include:

"Steiner education - what's it all about?" - By Diane Brown, Steiner Kindergarten teacher with 23 years of early childhood education experience.

"Personality types - the four temperaments" - by Herbert Wolpert, psychologist and management consultant

"Herbs, herbs and more herbs" - by Marilyn Wightman of the Fragrant garden in Feilding. She has been teaching about herbs for years at ACE and through the herb society so has plenty of knowledge to share about growing, cultivation and uses!... bring along your questions!

"Water and ecology in the Manawatu" by ecologist and Horizons regional councillor Rachel Keedwell.

Whew, it seems like a lot when its all in one long list. But we're getting there, with everyone taking ownership it will be fun!

If you are interested in joining the fair team, or helping out in any way, feel free to contact us...we'll love you forever :-)


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