• Diane Brown

Term One


February 2016

What amazing weather we had for the holidays. The children have returned with many stories of gardening, fun at the beach, and holidays with Grandparents. The kindergarten gardens have dried out considerably, despite watering by volunteers so the first week of the term has seen us all preparing for the replant. If you have any spare seedlings we would love to have some. We started slowly with only a small number of children attending but I imagine everyone will be back this week. If you have moved on over the holidays and your child won’t be attending please let us know so we can offer their space to someone else. Indigo, Zikria, Colin and Holly have gone to school and Soul and Kash have moved towns. We wish them all the best and hope they visit us soon. Harry, Winston, Aiden and Fida have joined the Kindergarten family. We look forward to getting to know them and their families. The days are very hot and children are enjoying lots of water play and keeping cool in the sprinkler. Please pack lots of changes of clothing, togs and towel for the sprinkler. Name all clothing, we already have a collection of lost property and we have only been open a week. A sunhat is essential as we require children to wear one at all times when we are outside. We are registered with Paper4trees, an organisation who swaps paper recycling for trees. For every 8 bins of recycling we receive 1 native plant. So please bring along your cardboard and paper recycling for us. Last year we earned 5 trees, so this year we would like to make it to 10 trees. We are collecting 2 litre plastic milk bottles to use in the making of a vertical garden. A great recycling idea so if you have any please bring them in. The shape of the budget milk bottles work best.

Parent Teacher interviews will take place in the last 2 weeks of term one. The next break from kindergarten is Easter and we are closed for Good Friday on the 25th March.

We reopen Wednesday 30th March. The last day of Term One is Friday 15th April and we reopen on Monday 2nd May. Our Harvest Festival will be held on the last day of term. I will give you more information closer to the time.

Thank you

Diane, Karolyn and Piri

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