• Diane Brown


Spiral Express term two 2016

I am sitting here by the fire listening to rain outside, a sharp contrast to the lovely autumn day we had today. The children and I spent it working and playing in the garden. The leaves are falling from the trees covering the ground in beautiful autumn shades. Children have been enjoying raking them into piles and jumping into them.

We have had a busy start to the term with five new children and are happy to welcome Lisa, Sapphire, Hugo, Jersie Rose, Tana and their families. However the Kindergarten roll is still very low so if you know anyone with young children please send them our way.

Our AGM will be held on the 9th June at 7pm. This is an important event, and an opportunity for you to have a say in the running of our beautiful kindergarten. We will be electing a new committee and have a number of positions available. They are secretary, chairperson, publicity officer, health and safety, grants and librarian. Have a think about which one you feel you would enjoy and talk to us about it. More details to come later.

Saturday June the 4th is the date for our Bio Dynamic working bee. We will make a BD compost, cow pat pit and spread preparation 500 as well as have some fun and tidy the garden. More details to come.

With cooler days and changeable weather please pack plenty of clothing for your child. Jackets, hats and weatherproof foot wear are essential. Children often need a number of changes in a day.

Many of our older children are struggling with rest time so to cater to their needs we have changed the structure of rest time slightly. All children are still required to have a rest but we will get them up at 1.30pm for a play. If the weather is fine they can play outside but otherwise we shall have an activity in the Puawai room. Please let us know if you don’t want your child to sleep.

The Matariki festival this year is on Friday June 24th so be sure to mark this date on your calendar. This festival is a special evening so invite family and friends.

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