• Diane Brown

Are you interested in a Steiner Class in the Manawatu?

The Rudolf Steiner School Trust (Manawatu) has been invited to put forward numbers of possible primary aged children that would be interested in a Steiner class for next year 2017. The school is within 15kms of the Square in Palmerston North. We would like to hear from people so we could submit some possible numbers.

We hope to put together a survey with more questions, and space for your comments soon. We appreciate some may want to privately message us, through the Contact Us page through this website, or our Facebook page- Matariki Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, as public posts on Facebook can be too public.

To help with our immediate request, to help show your interest, please could you send a message with childrens' ages. We will be keeping this information private, it will just be an indication of the needs for a Rudolf Steiner inspired School in the Manawatu.

You are welcome to share this post, thank you.

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