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What is happening at Kindergarten

February 2017

I know that it’s already 4 weeks into the term and I apologise for being late getting this out and welcoming you all back. We have a number of new families, Frankie, Nevaeh, Lewis, Maise and Sanav. Jafar and River have both returned after holidays abroad.

We have had much delight harvesting the plums from the large tree by the sandpit. Judah, Sterling and Avalon worked together and problem solved, coming up with a clever way to get those at the top.

Finally we have some fine weather and a chance to enjoy the outdoors, many children have been talking about swimming and visits to the beach. The warm weather also means that things are growing and ripening and this includes the weeds. Our garden needs some attention so please take some time to pull a few weeds each day, Karolyn and I try had to keep up with it but just don’t seem to have the time.

Our numbers have improved but we still need more so please keep up the good work spreading the word and promoting our wonderful kindergarten.

Hours. Our opening hours are 8.45am to 2.45pm please have your children here on time and collect on time. Not only is this important for our funding but also for the children’s well being. Many children find it hard to settle when other children are well established in groups of play and no one likes to be the last to leave.

Clothing. The warm weather means lots of water/mud play so please pack changes of everything. We insist that all children were hats outside so bring one every day. It is ok to leave them at the kindergarten if it is easier.

Sharing Table. The Matariki Sharing Table is at the main door by the sign in sheet. Please feel free to help yourself to any produce there. The idea is to take what you can use and when you have some surplus of your own bring it in to share with others. Fruit, veges, plants, preserves and seeds. If you don’t have anything to share still help yourself.

Home visits. Each year we like to visit children at home. It is an opportunity for children to share with us their special things, toys, pets and other things that make them smile. As teachers we value these experiences and find that it deepens our relationships with the children. Often children are more settled at kindergarten after these visits. If you would like us to visit you at home please talk to us to choose a day and time.

Story Telling Workshop. We are planning a story telling workshop early in term two. So book in your baby sitters and I will confirm details shortly.

Enviro School Project. Some of our children have been finding worms in the garden, in the sandpit and under logs. Naturally this has created a lot of discussion as to what worms eat and where they like to live. Today Judah and Avalon came up with ideas to make a small worm farm from plant pots. We would like to learn more about worms and build a larger farm. If you know anything about worms or have something that would make an awesome worm farm please share with us.

Harvest Festival. The Harvest Festival this term will be held on the last day of term 13th April. More details will be available closer to time.

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